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Here are postings of comments and reviews. Please feel free to get in touch. 

Tracking The Brontes 

"We both found the idea captivating, the story was engaging and absorbing – came away feeling that we had got to know the Brontes from a new and quite intimate angle… the

singing was beautiful.  That worked splendidly in the church. More of the same!"

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Nick Holland, Bronte author

"Just seen a great musical interpretation of the Brontes by Eddie Lawler, love the painting by his wife Olga too!"

From Whitby U3A

"Many thanks indeed for your presentation it was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative session which admirably mixed the light-hearted and serious content, and drew attention to many different facets of the life of the remarkable Bronte family. Your presentation was much appreciated by all who came along and got our new 'season' off to a very positive start."

Otley Walking Festival

"It was a great evening - beautifully MC'ed by you - the three Otley guys with their fantastic harmony singing -  your son's playing - the performance poets and rhymers - and, of course, your own singing and guitarmanship!  All fantastic."  

Tracking Woodend 18.1.20.JPG

Review of my CD "The Baildon Sky-Rocket" 

(from www.wovenwheatwhispers)


Saltaire based musician, Eddie Lawler makes a distinctive form of contemporary folk that merges humorous observation, social commentary and traditional themes. He already has two albums at our service and has written three musicals with themes related to Yorkshire. Here on his third album, Eddie finds us at a crossroads of change in the way we live considering the contribution past and future to our sustainable society. Of course as always with Eddie, the album doesn’t just consider one theme, he looks broadly at our lives and experiences with songs about Emily Bronte, the welfare state and the Massacre of Glencoe.


On this album Eddie’s guitar and voice is completed by keyboards and backing vocals. The settings help the listener to focus on Eddie’s always astute lyrics that can move from the whimsical to the serious in the same song. The songs are never confrontational; Eddie is far more subtle than that. It’s like sitting by the fire in the pub being entertained, his witty observations charming you more with every drink.


The songs are in a range of styles, from simple acoustic folk through to music hall. But at their core is the communal observation that runs throughout the tradition. Eddie’s lyrics and vocals stand out. This is someone singing about the world around him and able to see the humour around us. At a time of profound social change, we need a positive creative outlook more than ever.

Cowling Cottage Concerts with Fiona-Katie Roberts

"...a note to say thanks for yesterday evening and how much I enjoyed the concert. The two performers, although so very different, complemented each other perfectly."

"Historical Show gets Rapturous Reception" Telegraph & Argus,

(Sept 2005)

“We really enjoyed the musical. It had terrific pace, poetry, rhythm.”

A Pint of Taylor's Dark Mild.jpg

"Historical Show gets Rapturous Reception" Telegraph & Argus,

(Sept 2005)

“The ultimate theatrical experience for all concerned, including the audience and including those members of the audience … who are not part of the locality … The overall tone and feel, the values that ran through – right on! Thanks for an admirable night.”

"Historical Show gets Rapturous Reception" Telegraph & Argus,

(Sept 2005)

“Congratulations on your show – very enjoyable – erudite but held a large audience. Loved the Shut it and Someone Else’s Hands numbers in particular…”

Brighouse Fest 2016.jpg

Two Tykes On T'Loose


At "Shaggy Dog Stories" Hebden Bridge: "Rod Dimbleby and Eddie Lawler at the Stubbing Wharf on Friday. It was a pleasure to watch two craftsmen at work."

At Brighouse Arts Festival

"Just a short Email to say how much we enjoyed your performance with Rod last night. I thought it was an brilliant evening and the two of you complemented each other so well I do hope that it is repeated – I imagine that there is so much material that you two could go on for hours !!!"

At Dewsbury U3A

"We enjoyed your music....Thank you for taking the time to pass on your talent to others, both musically and in terms of dialect."

Comment from USA on album "Saltaire'll Do"


"Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the CD... My personal favorites were Canal Child, Hello Love and the Meaning of a Star. All the tracks are great listening though."

Scalby folk weekend


"your playing on Saturday afternoon was very well received. Everyone loved your clever and inventive songs. What a great set, we loved it. All the very best from Pete and the Scalby Folk Weekend team"

Concert with Fiona-Katie Roberts

"Many thanks once again for last night – thanks to you both for providing such wonderful entertainment for us.  I can honestly say it was one of the best social occasions we have had in recent years."

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Preview from the Topic Folk Club

  "Eddie Lawler Saltaire-based balladeer with a wealth of songs of wit and wisdom, notably about Bradford and its surrounding area. From the the mysterious Baildon Sky Rocket, to the Scandal of the Hole in the middle of Bradford and, further afield, from the Tyne's Millennium Bridge to the massacre of Glencoe and much more. Listening to Eddie has been described as " sitting by the fire in the pub being entertained, his witty observations charming you more with every drink."

Anonymity can be good for you! From INNSCENE issue 355


"The jam session at the Junction... One guy was performing original songs... which captivated me along with the rest of the people... His lyrics were masterful... full of humorous ditties. One was about the Bradford Beck, another about the Baildon Sky Rocket..."

Folk At Wuthering Heights Stanbury

"Thanks very much for the great songs last night. You are a wonderful performer and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. There were some very fine songs indeed."

"What a lovely gig"  


"Many thanks for introducing Eddie ... he's just brilliant."


"I hope Eddie can return soon his songs were brill! He's very talented and entertaining, Great Night."

"Eddie Lawler's just ... WOW !!!"

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Saltairy Tales Below are some of the comments received from the audience after the premiere of my musical ‘Saltairy Tales’ at the Saltaire Festival 2005:

“I really enjoyed the show; it was fun and I loved the variety of music and wit of the lyrics.”

“Thanks again for the super entertainment!!”

From Andrew McCarthy, formerly Education Officer at the Brontë Society:

May I “offer my congratulations on the production of Bells, which I thought was really terrific.  It’s great to see a school push out the boat on an arts-based project and the end product was excellent.


  It was obvious that the audience, and particularly the children involved, really enjoyed the show……Seeing it performed made me realize how cleverly it’s put together.”

From one of the audience at "Ringing Bells for the Brontës" at Leeds Playhouse May 2023:

“Your show was absolutely first class. The beautiful songs and piano playing, the insightful and compelling story-telling, the humour and your engagement with the audience made it a delight.”

Tracking Woodend 18.1.20.JPG

Click on the W box to to the right and you can read a review of one of my poems, completed and sent to me in next to no time by an AI tool, June 2023

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