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Beautiful old theatre


I have written three full-length musicals with strong Yorkshire themes.


The community musical Saltairy Tales 2005 and its update in 2006 were a central feature of Saltaire Festival.


My first musical entitled "Bells" won an award from Yorkshire Playwrights (now renamed Script Yorkshire). It was re-written for performances in 2008 at Saltaire Festival, in Haworth and at Ilkley Literature Festival.


Find out more about each work by clicking on the links below.

Airey Tales
In 2021 despite Covid, I launched a new play, "Airey Tales", at Saltaire Festival kindly supported by (and in support of) Aire Rivers Trust.  Here's
a film of it made by Zahoor Sakharkar of Hassan Multimedia

Making Light
filmed by Zahoor Sakharkar of Hassan Multimedia at Seven Arts, Leeds, in honour of the 300th birthday of Blind Jack Metcalf of Knaresborough

Saltairy Tales

Here is the script for "Saltairy Tales"

The video shows the first half-hour. I can send you more on request


This is the last section of the play "Bells" performed by Brighouse High School.  The kids are on a school field trip to Haworth where strange things happen in the Youth Hostel.Their teachers are transformed into the four Bronte siblings. This section starts where Branwell returns home drunk and depressed and paints himself out of his portrait of himself with his three sisters

I wrote a play about the tragic life of writer Wolfgang Borchert performed under the title "A German Play" in Bradford Cathedral and at Seven Arts in Leeds.


Here's an audio-version (one hour in length) : "Messenger Without Weapon"

You can follow the script here.


World War One Concert Party

In 2014 I wrote and directed this musical event commemorating the centenary of the First World War. It is (unfortunately!) still relevant and usable.  You can access the script and the programme on the buttons below.

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