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Eddie Lawler

© Copyright 2006, Eddie Lawler. All rights reserved.


Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright


Character Study


She’s wise alright, this lady.


Hard, however. As she has to be.

Toughened, weathered, and when trodden on

Springs back behind the boot

And says nothing; keeps her wisdom

Clam-like on this sea-bed now

Shoved high above road and racket,

Wall and wailing siren.


The pelting fists of rain

As acid as it comes, can batter,

Winds can buffet, frosts do bite

And summer sunshine burns – But still she’ll tough it out,

And suddenly, late indeed,

When others shrink for cover,

Shrivel and curl in fear of future

She’s blushing, deep, all over.



It can’t be guilt, and if it’s shame

Then only out of empathy

With folk who’ve come, and gone on by

Pretending. Such as me.

Some of us said “Beautiful”. Oh dear,

That’s far too dull to hear

Above the bee-buzz.



Is heather.

Hot flush of mother earth.

Poetry: Signwriting

Written by and © Eddie Lawler 2002

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