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Eddie Lawler

© Copyright 2006, Eddie Lawler. All rights reserved.


Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright


‘By the Motorway’


These trees and fields which owned the valley

Till ‘dozers ripped their peace apart

Ask me straight: “When does this racket

Ever, ever stop?” “Only”, I must confess

“When the world goes deaf.”



We’ve wrought the oracle

Our wish at least half-true – Though packed from end to end with lots

Of giant coloured boxes

The carriageway is quiet


Fields hold their breath

Trees turn their heads

And I do both, and wonder ….


Within a blue-light flash

We all know why – We sigh, and realise


The twist within the sorry tale

As told in modern days:

The siren’s song is heard OK –

But not till after

The catastrophe

Poetry: Signs of my times

Written by and © Eddie Lawler 1999


I was lucky enough to study at Keele University (English and German). Not everyone enjoyed this small rural campus, but for me it was wonderful.


Whilst I was studying, they built the M6 motorway nearby. Nowadays it goes past the campus in a 24-hour roar. Except for a moment like this which I experienced on a recent visit to my Alma Mater…


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