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Eddie Lawler

© Copyright 2006, Eddie Lawler. All rights reserved.


Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright

Bradford Beck

The title song (which reflects both my deep connection with my home town and my lifelong frustration at the denial of its potential) evokes interesting reactions.


A listener from Germany points out that her home town of Soest has revealed its "sewer" (the Bach) and made it an attractive part of the town scene (there are pictures on the web).  And a US enthusiast called Steve Duncan has explored Bradford Beck - see his stunning photos of the Beck at


Photographer Simon Warner made a film about the Beck in 2010 and has a blog about this project at

Listen to Ring the Devil Away
Listen to Not at War
Listen to Bradford Beck
Listen to Ring the Devil Away

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CD Tracks


    1.   Bradford Beck 

    2.   So Loud

    3.   Silver Band Waltz (from the musical Bells)

    4.   Not at War

    5.   Ring the Devil Away

    6.   Sauce Bottle Blues

    7.   Isn’t Mine

    8.   Swear By Honey

    9.   Skippin’ Across the Tyne

  10.   Mr Polanski

  11.   Climbing the Ladder

  12.   Love Knows No Distance (from the musical Makin’ Light)

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