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Greetings from Eddie Lawler, aka  "Bard of Saltaire" now living in Scarborough. I write songs, musicals, poems and plays (see my news page). Plenty of stuff currently on my YouTube channel.


My work mixes fun with social comment, offering thought-provoking entertainment. NB LINKS IN PREPARATION ON THIS SITE


In 2020 I was planning to launch a new play, "Airey Tales".(click to view) It actually launched on 15 Sept 2021 at Saltaire Festival kindly supported by (and in support of) Aire Rivers Trust.


After many West Yorks performances, my "Tracking the Brontës" presentation has been well received in Scarborough and East Yorkshire See Reviews page, including at the Anne Brontë 200th birthday celebrations in Scarborough. That has resumed in Feb 2022 at Cottingham U3A. It's going to another Cottingham venue in June and Scarborough in July, details soon.....


"Making Light" my Play (click here to view) completed a six-venue tour in 2017, performed by Shipley Little Theatre. This video was made at Seven Arts Leeds, made by Zahoor Sakharkar of Haseen Multimedia © to whom megathanks. Can send you the script, just ask.


My 6th album of songs includes "Canal Child", (click here) YouTube film with children from Saltaire Primary School. Album title song is "Saltaire 'll Do" which you can find on my YouTube channel


On request I can email you a version (one hour in length) of my radio-play about Wolfgang Borchert: "Messenger Without Weapon"


My popular Brontë Railrap is also on the YouTube channel, from "Tracking The Brontës" (which is not ALL like that!).


I've two collaborations:-In "Two Tykes on t' Loose" my songs with Rod Dimbleby's Yorkshire stories, see reviews page.  My musical support for Steve Bottoms' "Salt's Waters"  is also acclaimed. See "People" on Multi Story Water and other stuff re Bradford Beck.






Eddie Lawler

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Eddie Lawler


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