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Eddie Lawler

LATEST GIG Sat Feb 3 2024 sang an hour of my originals at Mojo's Music Cafe in Scarborough ,  Thanks to Mojo's for having me and for those who listened (and I think enjoyed) - video of "Yorkshire Stingo" at this event is on FB via this link

Watch out for my contribution to Scarborough's "Big Ideas By The Sea" Festival, on 28 May, celebrating the 175th anniversary of the day Anne Brontë passed away in Scarborough, see >What's On > More Events

Thanks for finding my website. There's plenty to browse here, in three categories.  And some appearances this year on the Gigs Page. 


You can also find lots of my songs on my YouTube Channel.

And you're most welcome get in touch via email


All original work from six albums plus........


Comedy, tragedy, community, history, often with music


Just a few samples from three collections, two published, one available online

Greetings from Eddie Lawler, aka  "Bard of Saltaire" now living in Scarborough, Yorkshire. I write songs, musicals, poems and plays,


My work mixes fun with social comment, offering thought-provoking entertainment.

My presentation with original music "Tracking the Brontës" is currently touring (see Brontës page) and is based on the musical "Bells" (see Theatre page). My popular Brontë Railrap is also here, from "Tracking The Brontës" (which is not ALL like that!).


My 6th album of songs includes "Canal Child", filmed with children from Saltaire Primary School - view here. Album title song is "Saltaire 'll Do". (Listen on Songs page)

I've two collaborations:- In "Two Tykes on t' Loose" my songs support Rod Dimbleby's Yorkshire stories, see reviews page.  My musical support for Steve Bottoms' "Salt's Waters"  is also acclaimed. See "People" on Multi Story Water and other stuff re Bradford Beck.  I'm not the best swimmer, but I seem to be attracted by watery themes.

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