Eddie Lawler

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Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright

You can listen to some of my songs by clicking on the links below, which will give you a short introduction to my music. LINKS TO FOLLOW BUT YOU CAN HEAR PLENTY OF MY SONGS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL


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Album Links 6 of 'em from new to oldest:

   >>   Saltaire'll Do

   >>   Bradford Canal and other tales

   >>  From 'Ere and From Elsewhere (a lyric)

    >>  The Baildon Sky-Rocket 

    >>  Bradford Beck               

    >>  Songs of My Times 

       NEW songs from new abode (the third, from Whitby, is a "work in progress") recorded at home

   >> Scarborough Jazz

   >>  The Dragon of Filey

   >>  Caedmon's Song

   >>  Marie the Music Boat 

Also newish (with minor interventions from phone)

   >>  Chocolate Time (for kids)

   >>  Loo Adieu (broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds)

   >>  The New Leeds Weir

   >> And my setting of Ben Preston's 19th           century Bradford dialect poem Come to thy Granny Lass