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Eddie Lawler

© Copyright 2006, Eddie Lawler. All rights reserved.


Eddie Lawler


poet  &  playwright


Musical: Makin' Light

Words, Music © Eddie Lawler 2003

Makin’ Light tells the true adventures of Blind Jack Metcalf of Knaresborough…


Story - My second “Yorkshire Musical” involves schoolchildren exploring what they mean by “hero”. Makin’ Light is a story of adversity met with energy and optimism and centres on the life of Blind Jack Metcalf of Knaresborough.


Songs - include "Love Knows no Distance", "Let the Light Shine Through" and "Somethings’ Making me Sing."


Cast - for a cast of circa 10 and a chorus of young people. The main characters are Jack Metcalf as a boy, a young and as a older man and

various people from his life.


Duration - circa two hours including interval.


Further Information - a NON-musical version of "Makin' Light" was be broadcast as a Radio Play on Bradford Community Broadcasting in July 2009.  Details on News Page.........


Scripts and recordings - are available for serious enquiries.

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